from the  

Depths of Online Marketing

"If you have the chance to work with Judith, take it. She is a great copywriter who understands a lot about marketing. She took our website to a new level and improved a lot of things. Website copy, email copy, facebook ad copy, SEO for blogposts. Everything delivered much better results after she worked on it. 

She is also very hard working, has great ideas and perfect communication. We ended up doing much more than the project we started with. It was great having her on our team. "Thank you Judith!""

Head of FORTE music notation 

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Amy Innes, small business owner

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Djordje Gostovic, small business Owner

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I will hire her again soon. Thank you for a job well done!" 

John Hoff, small business owner

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Jennifer McNanay, life coach

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Her writing and copy skills made her a valuable asset to our network, allowing us to expand our capabilities and work product. I highly recommend Judith for any of your writing needs."

Teresa Draeger, Director, Marketing Services for Abuv Media

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

⚽ DASTARDLY persuasion tactics ... (& how to lose $4billion in one swoop)


If you had four points for your bio, what would they be?

That was my challenge over the weekend...

As you may know, I'm following the Walker Way, and I needed to rewrite my Facebook bio. Here’s what I came up with:

Truth Seeker (in another life, I'd be an investigative journalist)

Natural Health Advocate (cos I am)

Super-Proud Mum (that I really am)

Loves Ethical Marketing -- I added the word Ethical after a day or two of reflection, here's why...

The first trigger was a brand I came across on Instagram one night.

I'm currently sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy a particular shirt from them (I’ll probably go for it) but what first grabbed me was their ethical branding and story.

And I knew I needed to add that word to my bio cos I hate, hate, hate unscrupulous marketing that seeks to manipulate.

In that, I'm not unlike a psychology professor called Cialdini, who wrote a famous and fascinating book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Deeply uncomfortable with the misuse of persuasion tactics, he went on to study them (doing undercover work for three years) and later wrote this famous book.

I was sad to see his findings recently quoted in a horrible misuse of the tricks. So, for me, the word ethical had to go next to marketing in my bio.

And this brings me to Ronaldo.

Now, I don't claim to know much (read, anything) about football. But you'll see second on my list is natural health advocate.

And when I heard that Ronaldo had scooped two bottles of Coca-Cola out of the way and held up a bottle of water at the news conference, instantly wiping $4billion off Coke's market value, I loved it!

Marketing and persuasion are powerful, and it's so cool to see them used for good.

Now, if you’re seeking to make a statement and get peoples attention for your business (maybe not to the tune of $4billion, but who knows), social media can be a great way to do it (as you can see from my story on the shirt that I might yet buy).

But getting it right takes know-how. Check out the PS for how to get 'in the know' if you're not there yet.

Here’s to a great week!




Getting the most out of social media can be trial and error, or not

You CAN massively speed up the process of getting it right by following a systemised, step-by-step process proven to work.

As I mentioned earlier, I am working my way through new training on attracting qualified FREE Facebook traffic.

It is called The Walker Way, and I am VERY impressed by it.

Not only is it thorough and easy to follow, the support is phenomenal with a highly active private Facebook group and regular training and Q&As.

It also has a FANTASTIC affiliate program that many are doing well with, so if that’s your thing, check it out!

(The price goes up in a few days, so get in quick if you're sitting on that fence!)

FULL details on The Walker Way here!

Prefer to work with Instagram? Check out my Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers training...

Again, easy to follow, and it comes with two weeks of email support from me, so if you get stuck, I’ll do my very best to help you :)

FULL details here, and any questions, just ask!

Friday 18th June 2021

💥 He got $900 in 8 days for THIS... (SUCCESS!)


I've had one mighty big kick up the backside over the last few days!

With a sudden rush of clients wanting me to work on their marketing, I got behind on my own.

Thing is, I was getting more and more fed up… and then I woke up to what was happening.

And just in time, I got back in the game -- my game, that is -- and I am now back on track and taking action.

Why just in time?

Because there is hot news on the step-by-step training that I told you about a few days ago -- the one on how to get FREE Facebook traffic.

It has been so WILDLY successful for the people signing up, that the price is increasing next week by $100! (It has a fantastic additional benefit that I didn't mention last time, check out the PS for details.)

So if you've been sitting on the fence pondering (we all do it, don’t worry), now's the time to decide.

(Unless, of course, you want to spend an extra $100 or more further down the line!)

I could rave about how good it is (I’m following it myself), but YOU can see for yourself here, and with a full money-back guarantee for 30 days, you really have nothing to lose.

FULL details...

And any questions, click 'reply' to this email and ask away :)





The Walker Way has a fantastic and potentially highly profitable affiliate program -- you can find out all about it by clicking the link below.

And from the reports in David's Facebook group, many are already making a tidy income from it (hence the price increase)...

In fact, a guy I know made $900 in commissions in just over a week!

Here's that link one last time

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Lesson from a RIDICULOUS Insurance Fraudster (... meow🐱)


(You’ve got to wonder at peoples' thought processes sometimes!)

While Yevgeniy Samsonov wasn’t your run-of-the-mill insurance fraudster, his crimes beautifully highlight the need for preparation...

Had he been better prepared, Samsonov might have saved himself a whole lot of bother, 15 days in prison, 30 days on an electronic tag, fees of $2,250, and even got away with his crimes -- not that I’m endorsing his actions!

In 2012, Samsonov landed himself in the hot seat after claiming $20K for the death of his beloved cat!

A fake cat to boot, and in a car accident that he’d had two years previous.

Not one to worry about details, he sent in photos of the cat to support his claim. Except they weren’t (of his cat, that is) -- the images he submitted were of two different cats and could be found all over the internet!

And this wasn’t the first time he had tried such a thing:

Just one year earlier, he had claimed for the death of his (imaginary) parrot.

The parrot -- reportedly like a brother to him -- had sadly died in another car crash (except it hadn’t). And unfortunately (for Samsonov), the photo he submitted on that occasion was actually of a parakeet and not a parrot.

Once caught out, due process ensued.

Tip for the day -- be prepared!




Now, I’m no insurance fraudster, but I submit to you -- Samsonov made some pretty basic errors.

Hindsight always helps, of course. And looking back, I can see in my first business that I made some basic errors -- mainly in marketing.

That experience taught me a lot, and I’m passionate about helping others not make the same mistakes.

If you have a website, you need to drive traffic to it… and not just any old traffic -- you need people interested in what you offer and who are more likely to become customers.

Of course, there are different ways to get traffic, but many require financial investment, so whenever I discover a FREE method that works, I get excited…

And I recently started following some fantastic training all about getting free traffic, which, as I work my way through, is increasingly impressing me.

The Walker Way has been created by a pro (and a thoroughly nice guy -- David) at generating leads and sales from organic (free) Facebook traffic.

David's put what he's learnt into easy-to-follow, step-by-step training program, and his support is exceptional with a lively, dedicated Facebook group and weekly Q&As.

You can see find out more HERE.

If getting free traffic for your business sounds good to you, I highly recommend checking it out!

Thursday 27th May 2021

🏃The day we upset the Queen's swans (and had a narrow escape)


‘Back in day’, my kids got a right royal telling off for chasing the Queen’s swans!

No, we hadn’t gone for high tea with Her Majesty – in fact, we had no idea we were (almost) in the presence of royalty.

Said incident took place when my kids were little.

A friend and I were out for a leisurely stroll in the local park – as leisurely as it could be with her unruly brood and my equally wild pair.

As the kids ran off round the corner squawking, we followed swiftly. But not swiftly enough...

On rounding the corner, we were confronted by an extremely angry older woman who had apprehended our now terrified and crying kids for chasing 'Royal Birds'.

Our kids believed they were about to be arrested (or worse) by Her Majesty’s guard for upsetting her swans.

Being nowhere near a royal residence, we were confused. But as it turns out, these (as all English swans do) did indeed belong to the monarch.

Dating back to the 12th Century – when swan meat was a prized food – the Crown was awarded ownership of nearly all the swans in the country. Who knew?

A quick aside, since 1324, the monarch can also lay claim to all the whales and dolphins within three miles of the UK shore!

Anyway, the fearsome lady in the park had taken it upon herself to protect these equally ferocious birds from our small children – who, it should be noted, now grown, still have a very healthy respect (perhaps fear) of swans and those who look after them!

So, should you stumble across any swans (or dolphins) in England, be warned!





Talking about stumbling, I've got a bit behind with my latest product – Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

All being well, it should be ready for launch in a couple of days, BUT...

If you need some help with Instagram right now, I'm re-opening my done-for-you Instagram pack. It includes:

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And any Qs, just ask :)

Wednesday 26th May 2021

👀 James Bond - worst spy ever?


Intriguing theory...

James Bond, 007 – spy, assassin or special ops agent? Or the ultimate instrument of psychological warfare?

Whatever... the fan theories on Reddit make for riveting reading and an amusing distraction that I spent way too long reading today!

Obviously (now I think about it!), he's not your typical garden-variety spy. He's internationally famous and announces his name everywhere he goes.

And he's not secretive like the lesser-known Mata Hari. As an exotic dancer, her promiscuity lent itself extraordinary well to pillow talk and the collecting of secrets. It enabled and fuelled her supposed espionage (and hefty income from her wealthy companions).

Though executed in France for spying for the Germans in WW1, her crimes and guilt remain shrouded in mystery and hotly debated.

But there seems little mystery around the delectable James Bond ('the spy who loved me' – is that a clue in the name?) who leaves a trail of devastation and death in his wake.

According to one theory, his original role by MI6 may have been that of a 'doomed spy'. To create cataclysmic distractions during which other spies discreetly infiltrate themselves. And having served his purpose, he was destined to be sacrificed.

The theory goes that MI6 changed tactics. On deciding not to sacrifice but protect and keep him alive, they maintained a potent threat to the enemy.

Clever – especially considering whenever he shows up, most of the people around him are dead pretty damn quickly.

To me, he's a cross between Inspector Gadget, a wrecking ball, and an infamous expert in the pillow talk department.

And of course, his films are great entertainment for the weekend, if you like that kind of thing!




If you'd prefer to leave a trail of lightness and joy and have people excited to hear from your business rather than running in the opposite direction, there is a way...

Did you know – on average, email marketing outperforms other forms of digital marketing, including social media marketing!

It's perfect for engaging your audience in an authentic way and building connection and fans.

And it's never been easier when you know-how – and now YOU can...

With my How To Build Your First Email List, we'll take you step-by-step through the process so that on completion, you have your list up and running and growing.

And with two weeks of email support from me, if you get stuck, it's a simple fix.

FULL details below:

Sunday 23rd May 2021

😜 It's all about communication, baby!



Seaside living is near-perfect. Except, as it turns out, when the sun shines after national lockdowns.

Then tourists descend like locusts, leaving rubbish and broken glass everywhere, and it can be a nightmare!

A man loitering in our back alley recently got a right earful from my neighbour. Thinking it would double up as a public urinal, he was pretty p---ed when she told him otherwise.

And parking is always a gripe. Last week, holiday-makers parked so tight to our back gate, it was impossible to squeeze out.

Why would anyone do that? It's in constant use, and we're always taking long surfboards through it.

It turned out they thought it was a designated parking space! 

With the 'No' from 'No Parking' fading, the woman wrongly assumed it meant Please Park Here – as if!

With a new gate on order, we’ll mark up the old sign to make it super-clear for now. 

But if you have a website and can’t change anything on it, you need to learn how to.

Communication is everything... (including for stopping people wee-ing and parking on your doorstep!)

One client I worked with had no idea how to change anything on her website and was at the mercy of professionals to do the simplest of tasks for her – don’t be like that…

Check out the P.S. instead.

Have a sunny day!




You can quickly and easily become independent in editing and creating your website/blog. And here's how (and why)...

When I got started in coaching, I had a website that I couldn't edit – I had to learn the hard way, cobbling bits together, and working it out (painfully).

The better, quicker and pain-free way is...

My How To Build Your First Blog/Website program. It is the simple-to-follow, step-by-step video (+ written info) course that I WOULD HAVE LOVED to have!

Designed to make your life MUCH easier, it combines 10 videos (each no longer than 10 minutes), and TWO weeks of my email support if you need it. If you get stuck, reach out, and I’ll help you.

If you want to be independent and work on your own site whenever you want, this course will help you, as will I!

And YOU can get started within minutes... 

Get FULL details here.

Thursday 20th May 2021

Is 2021 the new Animal Farm? (... a precautionary tale)


I guess Animal Farm never was for the faint-hearted but now it's even less so...

My (grown up) son was watching the animation of the book recently, not because he likes politics (he doesn't) but because it was an animation! And I was interested to watch it with him to see what he made of it…

Ten minutes in, the evil hounds (minions of the baddie, Napoleon) demolished Snowball (the leader), and son says, ‘That got dark quick!’

Yep, and of course, it continued to do so…

The one line I could remember from it was the infamous one “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’...

With proposed green passes, vaccine passports, even questioning whether vaccines should be mandatory whether overt or under the guise of if you want a job or to go out, you’ll need to prove your status, the plot of Animal Farm was deeply unnerving.

Whatever side of the fence we’re on vaccine-wise, are we prepared to see our freedom eroded?

People losing jobs, relationships, community because they (for whatever reason) are not convinced the jab is right for their body...

Where does that path take us? Will great swathes of people be increasingly ‘more equal than others’? Are we creating yet more divisions rather than healing those we already have?

Right now, reports of Boris’ dubious flat make-over costs and vast contracts being fast-tracked to politicians mates are headline news.

Against that backdrop, Animal Farm and the antics of Napolean and his cohort, I cringe inwardly…

So in 2021, I believe building your own business has never been more

  1. Accessible (thanks to technology)
  2. Important (in light of the last year and some pretty scary ideas that are flying around)

If you need help with setting up your website or editing it, the P.S. is for you.

And if you need help with other marketing aspects, click here to join my waiting list for my soon-to-lauch Marketing Resources For Very Small Businesses





How to Build Your First Blog/Website takes you (very easily) through the process step-by-step. So even in ONE day, you can have your site up, running and live – without any stress!

And if you get stuck, no worries, you get TWO weeks of email support from me.

FULL details below:

And any questions, click reply to this email and ask away :)

Wednesday 19th May 2021

🐓 HOW I dodged the chicken...


The Glastonbury festival is coming to my neighbour’s house next weekend.

Not in person, of course – streamed online (cos of covid). And we’re packing in festival food to add atmosphere -- chicken and chips.

So, last night, round the fire bowl and marshmallows (we know how to live it up here ‘up north’)… we were making our plans - her, me and my daughter.

To cater for the masses (of five), we decided we need two chucks, and that K and I would cook one each.

And then, I’m realised, ‘NO, that won't work… no-one will want to eat mine.’

The words were hardly formed and out of my mouth when my daughter said, ‘I want K’s chicken!’

Yep, K can cook chicken much better than me. Mine are plain, shoved in the oven with minimal effort. Hers are stuffed inside and under the skin with all sorts of deliciousness and crunch.

Now, sure, I could do that, but it’s not happening. I’m doing the chips!

Nicely dodged there -- cooking is not my thing.

Fluorescent bangles, fairy lights and live-streamed Coldplay here we come – with crunchy, tasty chicken and hopefully half-decent chips!

It reminds me of when I was little, about 7, and my best friend came for a sleepover. (Our mums were best friends, so we had to be too, but we got on well enough most of the time anyway.)

Well, this little girl swore that her mum’s baked beans were much better than my mum’s. How wrong can you go with baked beans? I don’t know, but perhaps cooking -- or lack of it -- runs in my genes.

But actually, my mum was a great cook. Growing up in the 70s, I remember her having dinner parties with incredible meringue desserts and getting to taste a bit the following morning.

So no, my lack of culinary prowess can’t be blamed on my genes.

But while food creation isn’t my thing, I am pretty nifty at creating blog/websites and get them up and running easily… (And my friend, K, can’t do that!)

If you need some help getting your first blog or website up and live, check out the P.S.





The MASSIVE problem I had when I got started with my coaching business is that my website was set up for me… and I didn’t know how to change anything!

I had to learn from scratch using bits of random information – it was laborious, super-hard work, and SO frustrating…

How to Build Your First Blog/Website is the course I would have loved to use. It would have saved me a ton of time and frustration!

So, whether you’re setting up a new website or want to know how to edit and find your way around your existing one, you will find this programme quick and easy-to-follow.

And with two weeks of email support from me, I'll be available to help if you get stuck.

You can get FULL details on the course

Any questions, click Reply to this email and ask away.

Saturday 15th May 2021

🍭 4 Robot-Proof Jobs (that pay A LOT!) 🍭


I recently shared what is possibly the worst product description I’ve ever read 

(see my post entitled '😳Anyone for a Fart Vest?’ if you missed it).

With AI failing dismally (and hilariously) at creating sales copy, I thought it might be fun to find other jobs for which robots would be poor substitutes. 

Here are four (which are also very nicely paid):

1) Gum Taster. Reported salaries: $58K - 107K.

Gumologists (great job title, right!) need to have exceptional taste and smell sensory skills (and I don’t think robots have those). 

If being a chewing- or bubble-gum taster sounds up your alley, you’re not likely to find these roles advertised through the usual channels – it’s more a case of who you know (and having a food science degree helps).

2) Professional Bed Warmer. Yes, jobs exist in various settings, including high-end hospitality and on film sets, for warming beds before people get into them. 

We’re talking decent figures, although I can’t confirm the top-end salary of $200,000 that one site reported!

3) Golf Ball Diver. I don’t think robots would be too cool at diving for lost golf balls in the marshes, silt and slime! 

Potential earnings: $50-100K

4) Professional Sleeper – these folk get paid to fall asleep on demand for research rather than just their usual nightly slumber. But we’re talking about the potential to earn $100-200K for sleeping!

    If you don’t fancy any of these, and are instead fully committed to your business and goals, here’s one way you can use AI for what it is good for (and that’s not sales copy creation, gum tasting, or sleeping etc)...

    Instagram uses AI in such way as to make it a fantastic platform to build a connection with your network.

    If you need to kickstart or boost your Instagram account, I think you'll love my Done-For-You pack of 30+ motivational Instagram posts.

    PLUS you’ll get a list of 18 top Instagram motivational accounts that you can check out and model your account on for success.

    That's 30+ professional image posts + 18 successful accounts to get inspired by...

    Click the link below for more details:





    If you need help getting your Instagram account up and running, no worries... 

    Next week, I'm launching a new product to help you do just that and get your first 1000 followers!

    Friday 14th May 2021

    📢 85% of people are looking for this!


    'Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my working life?'

    That was the question I asked myself on the first day on the wards as a student nurse.

    At 18, I was accustomed to unpleasant jobs, having worked in nursing homes from as soon as I was old enough – you’ve got to be sure when pitching yourself at a career for the rest of your life at 18.

    I won’t detail what I was doing when that question popped up – it is a little unsavoury. And like most ex-nurses, I have many stories of all sorts. 

    But let’s leave this one at involving me mopping up from the floor, something that only nurses (and carers) generally mop up.

    The point is, I was worried about whether to do this for the next 40 odd years when, in reality, I was only a nurse until I hit 30.

    I didn’t know then what teens are still not told now (from what I hear) – that on average, people change careers 5-7 times in their working lives...

    And 80-85% of people are not happy in their jobs. Those stats are staggering!

    However many jobs or careers you’ve had so far, you’re probably reading this because, like me, you’re committed to doing something you’re passionate about.

    And that can take real courage and dedication -- it’s not easy going against the flow.

    I'd love to hear what you're seeking to do in your business and what resources you would like to help you. 

    You can let me know by emailing me at





    With around 85% of people unhappy at work, there's a LOT of people looking for inspiration and motivation.

    If you want to reach and engage them, Instagram can be a fantastic platform to use.

    And with my Done-For-You pack of 30 motivational Instagram images, you can quickly get posting and sharing and connecting.

    You'll get 30+ professional image posts, so you can post one a day for a month.

    PLUS, you'll get a list of 18 top motivational accounts to check out and see what the highly successful accounts are doing and how to theme yours for success.

    For more details, click the link below:

    Wednesday 12th May 2021

    😳 Anyone for a Fart Vest?


    Writing sales copy is easy with Google Translate... or is it?

    If you have ever been concerned about the rise of AI, whether it threatens your work or future, this should encourage you… at least for now!

    Of course, it depends on your job. As a writer, I never thought a robot could take over. But I have seen increasing nervous chatter about how software is being developed to make copywriters obsolete.

    I have even seen software providers advertising dirt cheap automated sales copy creation.

    On taking a deeper look, I found that for a smallish fee, online sellers could enter their product details, and the AI will spew out the 'unique sales copy'… I could see it would still be pretty generic.

    However generic and potentially low quality that might be, it would probably be better than the product description I came across today.

    What you are about to read is the sales copy for ‘romper (baby onesie) extenders,’ but you may struggle to see that.

    I’m not sure how many (if any) they are selling with this:

    You can see a screen shot of the product description below this post :)

    If you’re in the market for fart vests, let me know – perhaps there’s a hidden market for them. Or maybe Google Translate has gone wrong – very wrong!

    The truth is, if you want to connect with your customers and clients, make sales and loyal fans, there's a well-known, 'cat's-out-of-the-bag' secret...

    Building a connection and a relationship with your customers is the name of the game... 

    and there ain't no AI to replace the human element (not that I know of anyway!).

    In my upcoming Marketing Resources For Very Small Businesses, I will be going through (on video) websites and examples of various elements of marketing campaigns to demonstrate:

    • what works
    • what doesn’t
    • how I would suggest the website/campaign could be improved
    • looking at various aspects of usability
    • and probably much more because I completely geek out on this stuff!

    And making it super-applicable, so you can optimise your marketing materials.

    Now obviously, I’m not going to be looking at such poor quality as the example below. But isn't it good to know that AI isn’t really all that, and that we still need humans?

    Happy Wednesday, and here's to a good rest of the week,




    Almost forgot (in my excitement over fart vests) ... 

    to get on the waiting list for my Marketing Resources For Very Small Businesses, click here :)

    Saturday 8th May 2021

    ⭐ The free tool I use daily – & why YOU need it


    If this post weighed anything, it would be worth its weight in gold.

    It contains a free tip that could transform your messaging and marketing. And might put you ahead of some of the pros, as you will see...

    So, I was recently reading an email from a massive online business whose audience is well over 10 million and undoubtedly has an in-house team of pro writers.

    The email should have been sparkling but I could barely make my way through to the end – it was so boring!

    Being a total geek, I 'copy and pasted' it into the free tool that I use on ALL my writing and, honestly, it scored dismally.

    But just a few minutes later, having worked on it within the tool (this is the type of stuff I do for fun!), I had effortlessly made the message way more readable, and yes, sparkly.

    Once edited it in this quick tool, readers would have been far more engaged with the email and read to the end. (And this is like gold when it comes to marketing.)

    If only their writers were using the tool!

    I'd have been surprised by the fact that they had obviously not used it had I not come across this before...

    You see, during the covid crisis, I took advantage of the lull in work and hired a fantastic marketing and copywriting coach to learn from.

    He has a track record to wow and makes multi-6 figures a year.

    Being part of his program, I had access to his private Facebook group, where he posted something that shocked me.

    He shared how he had just discovered a new tool that was revolutionising his work…

    Yet, it was the same tool that I already ran all my work through. (In fact, I'm writing this post in it right now!)

    I thought everyone knew about it, but apparently not.

    And once I give you the link, you can instantly start using it to transform and optimise your writing and content.

    So, drumroll please, here is the link to this treasure…

    Honestly, I never put anything out there without editing it in Grammarly first.

    Now obviously, I'm a total word geek, and I love using this tool and getting the % score higher and higher until I get the perfect tick.

    But it is totally user-friendly, and you can use it to take your writing to another level for free right now, whether you're a geek like me or not.

    You can check out this help article from Grammarly to get started now: Introducing the Grammarly Editor

    And I’ll be doing a walk-through video on how to use this and other essential (free) tools in my first Essential Marketing Resources for Very Small Businesses monthly newsletter...

    But seriously, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from getting started right now.

    Have fun!




    You can get information about my products HERE – including my super-helpful, soon-to-launch

    Essential Marketing Resources for Very Small Businesses monthly newsletter.

    Friday 7th May 2021

    Lessons from a CHARLATAN with goat testicles 🐐


    In business, as in life, some things are blatantly just bad ideas, or so you would think...

    And here is one business plan that would get you locked up these days before you could say goats balls!

    But back in the early 1900s, John R. Brinkley had around 50 men a WEEK! queuing up to go under his knife and have goat testicle implants on the promise of a manly boost.

    This is one sorry tale of the power of persuasion in the wrong hands.

    But it also demonstrates some marketing know-how in action.

    Despite never completing his medical training, Brinkley managed to convince the good people of Arkansas to let him practice (or should we say, experiment) medicine on them.

    During the flu pandemic of 1918, his reputation grew, and the people in Arkansas came to know, like and trust him. (Our first clue.)

    And this is where the story turns super-icky.

    Perhaps blinded to everyday commonsense by desperation, the first patient willingly underwent the experimental operation from which the ballsy treatment evolved.

    Whether under delusions of grandiosity or was just plain delusional, Brinkley later marketed his treatment for all manner of ailments.

    His accruing wealth enabled him to buy a radio transmitter and set up one of the first radio stations in Kansas. And so, he was able to endlessly advertise his dubious expertise first locally, and later nationally. And grow his fortune.

    He must have had the gift of the gab because, before the end of his life, he turned his hand to politics and rose to celebrity status.

    Now, before moving on to what we online marketers can learn from this charlatan, you surely want to know if he got away with it.

    Of course, he didn't!

    Although he did get away with it for way longer than you would think possible -- resulting in the deaths of over 40 people -- he was later sued for malpractice and bankrupted.

    After suffering three heart attacks and a leg amputation, he ended his days broke physically and financially.

    But just how did he manage to build this grisly career?

    Here are a few thoughts I have:

    1. As the popular saying goes – people buy from those they know, like and trust. Having built a solid reputation as a trusted practitioner during a time of crisis (another pandemic), he was able to capitalise on that moving forward.
    2. Owning a radio station enabled him to get the word out repeatedly. And, at a time where there was little competition for people's attention, this provided his treatments with what is known as the 'mere-exposure effect' – basically, this concept says that when people become familiar with something, they come to prefer it.
    3. The power of persuasion is real, and needs handling with respect and integrity.


    1. Your customers need to be able to relate to you. They want to feel like they are dealing with a person who cares. Online or offline, it makes no difference.
    2. In this age of online marketing, there is vast competition for your customers' attention. Repeated contact is the key. You need to know where your customers hang out and be there.
    3. Never get goat testicle implants (no matter who suggests it's a good idea).

    If you're wondering where your customers hang out, there are all sorts of ways to find out.

    But there's one sure-fire way to connect with them, and that's via email.

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    Thursday 6th May 2021

    He sold a $20M diamond for 2 francs 😱


    As missed opportunities go, I don’t think they come much worse than this sorry tale…

    Spare a thought for the lowly foot soldier who, in 1477, discovered a piece of old glass on the body of dead Charles the Bold and flogged it for a mere 2 francs.

    Little did he know that the old glass was actually the Florentine Diamond that, in today’s money, would be worth an estimated $20 million – that is, if anyone could find it!

    There’s been no trace of this beauty since 1919, though rumours abound. One of which has the stone stolen from the Austrian royal family, and the man supposedly safeguarding it then mysteriously disappearing!

    When he re-emerged some four years later, he reportedly denied ever having it (of course he did!), and the trail went cold with his demise in 1930.

    It must be said that several other theories exist around the history and disappearance of the treasure, so who knows, it could be anywhere…

    So before you go rushing off to check your garage just in case it’s there...

    (if you’re a fan of Only Fools and Horses, Delboy’s meteoric rise to millionaire status with the watch from his garage may be in your mind right now)...

    You might want to read the P.S.

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    Wednesday 5th May 2021

    THIS could have had a very different ending 🐶


    This 'funny-with-hindsight' escapade took place during the doldrums of the COVID lockdowns.

    (If you're a dog owner, you might want to sit down to read this.)

    With the permitted once a day walks quickly becoming uninteresting, my teenage kids and I offered to walk my neighbour's dog.

    Armed with poo bags, doggie treats and a ball, we wandered down to the beach looking like pros (how deceptive looks can be!).

    It was a beautiful day, the beach was packed with socially distanced dog walkers, and our charge was running after the ball and duly bringing it back.

    Having walked to the far end (which took about thirty minutes), we turned around and headed for home.

    And it was now that the dog had a brainstorm.

    Having run after a particularly long throw, she must have thought, sod this! And without so much as a backward glance, kept going... and going... and going...

    (If you've ever wondered, as I have, what goes through a dog’s mind, I'm pretty sure that day this dog had only home and her owner on hers.)

    A few seconds too late, we caught on to the unfolding escape.

    While we called, shouted and screamed, doggie treats failed to persuade, and all was to no avail.

    The dog was on a mission, and we weren't a part of it.

    My son sprinted after her, but she was fast!

    Running the entire length of the beach, he was losing ground.

    She miraculously made it across the road in one piece. (Although we couldn't know this for some nerve-wracking minutes being so far behind.)

    Hysteria set in.

    We had visions of telling our neighbour how we'd lost her most precious dog. If anything happened to her...!

    We ran/limped for home, and discovered said dog reunited with her beloved and slightly bemused owner.

    Thankfully, the dog was chastised, not us, and we all remained friends.

    And while we still take her for walks, we rarely let this dog off the lead – she burnt that bridge completely!

    I do NOT plan to run so fast again, but sometimes speed is required…

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    Tuesday 4th May 2021

    🛳️ Surviving the TITANIC was just for starters!


    I like to think I’m pretty tenacious, but compared to the beautiful Violet Jessop, I’m a lightweight…

    By age 29, she'd heroically survived a near-deadly dose of TB, the sinking of the Titanic, and disasters on both sister ships, The Olympic and The Britannic!

    Little wonder she wrote her memoirs – she certainly had more to share than the celebrity gossip we’re tossed these days.

    The Olympic’s serious (but non-sinking) crash with a warship paled into insignificance after what was to follow and didn’t even make it into those memoirs.

    Courageously continuing her work as a ship stewardess, she went on to survive the disastrous Titanic voyage at age just 24.

    As if that wasn’t enough for one lifetime, she found herself in a similar situation four years later!

    Onboard the Britannic and working with the British Red Cross during WW1, her ship hit a sea mine and suffered a devastating explosion.

    With the propellers sucking the lifeboats under the ship, Violet and other passengers leapt into the cold water for any chance of survival.

    Amazingly, Violet wasn't the only Titanic survivor onboard at the time, there were two other such passengers – these were undoubtedly BRAVE folk!

    Though some may have feared for her sanity, Violet (nicknamed 'Miss Unsinkable') returned to working on ships several years later and went on to live to the ripe ol' age of 83.

    If you don’t fancy leaping into the depths of online marketing but know you need to get it working better in your business, you’ll love my P.S.

    Have a great day - and always take care around ships :)




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    Monday 3rd May 2021

    🚗 Life lessons from an old RUST-bucket


    George entered my life when I was 22.

    He was a shiny, silver, rust-free (for about two weeks till it started eating mercilessly through his latest respray) VW Beetle, and my first car...

    I may have been over the moon picking him up from the garage, but George barely got me over the Severn Bridge into Wales (and only managed with the help of the AA!).

    I reckon the garage selling him had seen me coming.

    Within weeks, rust was ravaging his bodywork, and the AA would have been on speed-dial if mobile phones were an everyday thing back in 1992.

    I loved George for about a year.

    But a winter of driving dark early mornings (I was a nurse back then) to a little hospital in the middle of nowhere, frozen and without heating (which I'd had disconnected to stop carbon monoxide fumes coming through!), saw an end to the love affair... George lost his charm and had to go.

    My second car was boring but reliable (so boring that I can’t even remember what it was!) and the relief was palpable – my mum had been right all along when it comes to cars, reliable is very good.

    If you’re looking for relief and solid, practical how-to info to optimise your online marketing read the P.S. below.

    (Just like a good car, this stuff isn’t rocket science, but it does need to work well.)




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