You see, coaching wasn't my problem, my lack of marketing know-how was.

Having finally got myself well after being super-sick for years, I was passionate about helping others. I'd trained and certified as a health coach and was ready to take on the world.

Naive as it sounds now, I thought people would be queueing up to work with me. I knew my stuff, and I was walking proof that it worked.

But it didn't work that way...

Once I'd exhausted my initial supply of clients from people I already knew, I floundered.

I had the website up and running that the training institute had sold me, I ran classes, and I did all I could, but my business was going nowhere fast.

It was then that I realised being a good coach wasn't enough. There was a vital missing ingredient -- and that was marketing.

So I set to work, learning how to communicate and market my message.

And it was through this that I discovered another passion... words, strategy, marketing, and the art of communication

And the rest is history...

The more I learnt, the more I loved writing copy and the psychology of marketing.

For extra income, I set myself up as a freelance copywriter and content marketer, and that just took off.

Eventually, I had to choose between health coaching and writing (two new businesses was one too many!), and my writing business won.

At that time, another coach suggested I create resources to help her and others who were struggling with the marketing aspect. I wasn't confident to do so then. But now – that's what I love to do.

I'm committed to helping solopreneurs (like the health coach I was) and very small business owners –– people who are far more interested in their business than they are spending hours learning how to craft marketing messages and work it all out from scratch –– get their essential marketing in place and optimised.

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